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I am writing to you on behalf of Dobra Družba (Good Company), a Slovenia-based non-governmental organization and union representing sex workers in several countries of former Yugoslavia ( Slovenia presently ranks 11th by total infection rate, with other former Yugoslav countries not far behind.

As COVID-19 containment measures have taken a toll on the otherwise vibrant social life in the Balkans, we turn to PornHub in the hopes of helping people avoid the many psychological tolls of government-imposed quarantine. We beseech PornHub to, is possible, reduce restrictions on accessing PornHub Premium content in Slovenia and other counties of former Yugoslavia akin to what it has done in Italy, in the hopes of providing comfort to millions of self-quarantined individuals.

If you would graciously extend us the same generosity you did to our blight-stricken Italian neighbours, we would happily promote your generous move through our own large userbase, hopefully garnering goodwill and future users.

Sincere regards and best wishes,

With respect,
President of the Good Company
Žiga π Sedevčič

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