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Organization Dobra Družba invites you to an introduction to FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR SEX WORKERS.
We invite you to a short lecture:

  • all who are new to the industry
  • anyone who wants to quit working in this industry
  • all of which would improve your business (no pimps)
  • all who want to enter the adult industry

The lecture is FREE and ANONYMOUS

is part of the program of the organisation of sex workers where we want to achieve better financial awareness of individuals in the industry for adults as a prevention of victims (financial dependence)
and the GET–> OUT program which helps workers who want to leave the industry to establish / monitor / implement a plan according to which they become self-employed on the basis of their own business idea

November 19, 2019 in Ljubljana at Vošnjakova ulica 6, 1000 Ljubljana at 6 pm (lecture lasts 40 minutes)

SMS: 069 655 069


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