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Expert associate of the organization Dobra Družba Dr. med. Anita puts a friendly heart:

What else can we say about this topic? After all, sparrows are already tweeting that we need to use condoms to protect ourselves from HIV and hepatitis, and if we stick to that, we are safe. What else is there to say here – can we find any more hot water here? In fact, this may sound like “hot water discovery” – but it’s important always and everywhere.

In fact, most lay people really don’t know of any diseases other than HIV and hepatitis that sparrows are already tweeting about. Other, lesser-known diseases are less well known – but these are much more common than the previously mentioned two (which are best known because they are among the worst forms of sexually transmitted diseases). Some are seen at first glance, some not – that a man and his sexual organs look completely flawless and healthy.

And the fact is also that condoms are effective only in case they do not burst. Well, let’s start here. How to prevent condoms from cracking during sex? The instructions for condoms state that when inserting, care must be taken to squeeze all the air out of the semen tank, which is at the end of the condom, before you develop it on the penis.

Well, in my experience, condoms don’t usually burst because there would be too much air or too much sperm pressure in the tank – but because of the friction because it’s all too dry, it rubs dry when it penetrates, and it breaks.
So – although the lubricant is supposed to be more for anal sex (because the butt doesn’t get wet on its own) – be aware that in business sex (where it rarely happens that you are really attracted to the client and that you will have enough from the beginning to the end of sex) moist) – a lubricant is a practical part of the mandatory equipment to prevent condoms from cracking.

Saliva and your natural moisture may suffice at the beginning of a relationship, but that by no means means that the whole relationship will slip and crawl enough. Not just before intercourse, add it during intercourse – as soon as you feel that your vagina has started to “irritate and rub” – if you don’t, there is a risk that the condom will burst. Keep the lubricant at your fingertips so that it is not a problem to squeeze it out when you feel the need to add it (so the tube or bottle should always be full enough to always get it out without a problem). It’s easiest to add it when you change position – not to interrupt the action in the meantime, but to add the lubricant nicely – you quickly squeeze it on your hand, lubricate the limb a little, wipe what’s left on your pussy – and so you can they normally continue to have sex without having to interrupt the action or look for a lubricant. Keep it at your fingertips and full enough to squeeze it out quickly without a problem. Just drooling is not enough, it will dry out very quickly. Be careful not to use any massage oil or cream instead of the lubricant – it can damage the condom.

When having sex in a “doggy” position, feel every now and then if the condom is still up – one party is such a jerk that they secretly take it down or unwrap it during sex, that they even drive it so deep inside that it’s a problem to get out.
You discreetly feel so that the client thinks that you are “tomato” next to him, but in fact you feel if everything is as it should be.
It’s true that customers are “smeared with all sorts of jokes” – even those kind people who wouldn’t think of something like that can do something to you.

Some clients also know how to comment on what you need a lubricant for if you have sex in the vagina, but not in the ass – you calmly tell him with a smile “just in case it doesn’t burst”. Don’t pay any attention to such accusations – at most it’s commendable that you pay attention to the safety of both.
And, of course, be careful not to damage the condom with your fingernails when putting it on, especially if you have long ones – the nail can stretch so much when you put it on that it is more susceptible to cracking.



If you stick to this, you greatly reduce the chance of condoms bursting and thus the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. However, if it happens to burst – just do not panic, because everyone else is not infected. If there is an ejaculation inside and you are not on contraception, you have 3 days to go to the pharmacy without a prescription for a postcoital pill so that you will not be worried about pregnancy. Just don’t worry, don’t tire your psyche and think positively – however, monitor your body just in case and react if you get a strange smell or discharge, burning urination or changes in your genitals to get tested.

What about plowing? (fellatio)
Under the oral I will count all the options – blowjobs, pussy licking and ass licking – the so-called rimming (for hetero, homo and trans sex workers).
Whether you work with or without a condom is a matter of personal decision, and we know very well that clients much prefer oral without a condom (except for those few who are afraid who want to oral with a condom). Oral with a condom can be more pleasant if you use condoms with flavors, only in a deep throat will the sac tickle you in the throat.

As for oral without – regardless of the statistics, I can say from my own experience that it is a fairly safe form of sexuality. After all, in 13 years I didn’t get anything through oral sex, they never found anything in my sex check-ups, not even in throat swabs. (But if you’re not determined, you’d better do it with protection)

However, I always followed these safety measures – I took the client into the room in the light (which he wanted, I later darkened for a “more romantic atmosphere”) – but it is important for me to see the penis in the beginning – I assess hygiene, it’s nice to wash everywhere , also for the foreskin
If hygiene was lame (cuticle vinegar), I immediately sent them back to the shower. You really don’t have to put shit in your mouth and don’t be embarrassed to send the dirt back in the shower (some even have to be helped to wash it because they don’t know – no kidding) – it can be embarrassing to them at most.
And the penis, and of course their ass, insofar as they want me to do anything with it – look good in the light – because genital herpes and genital warts are visible.

Herpes is a blister similar to herpes on the lips, and genital warts are either flat, bumpy or like triangles (pyramids), they can be of several colors (pink, brown, skin).
All of this can be present either on the penis, around the buttocks, or across the balls. Not to confuse this with a birthmark or a dot (it has already happened to me that I overestimated too quickly and told the client, but in fact it was either a dot, or the trimmed skin of the “cock” looked like a nipple – and the client at the same time the cock falls down when I unjustly told him if it was a nipple).
The mother’s marks and bulging spots are soft, while the genital warts are hard, ragged, slightly cracked – after that you separate them from the mother’s sign.


genital herpes

Some men (gay prostitutes will notice this more) have so many around their asses that they look quite blooming – but they don’t even know it because they don’t look at their asses themselves (you can see your ass or pussy from below only with a mirror). In such cases, I definitely tell the client – I judge for myself whether we do the service and I tell him only at the end, I comfort him a little, not to worry that all this can be solved by a doctor – and I emphasize that he should come a second time sanitized. However, if the matter is on such a scale that it is already disgusting, of course I do not accept it, but I explain it nicely. And the customers were grateful to me for going to fix it and the next time they came without warts.

With these warts, a condom doesn’t help much, as the HPV (human papilloma virus) that causes them is transmitted by touch. But I can say first hand that vaccination for the HPV virus – which covers both – genital warts as well as for cervical cancer (both caused by the HPV virus but different subtypes of the virus) really helped me. The vaccine is not cheap – at that time years ago it was 400 eu for 3 meals (because you receive 3 doses of injections) – I can really say that it was very useful to spend 400 euros – I never got anything

more about HPV:


genital warts

So I highly recommend this vaccine. When it happens during sex with a client that these nipples are so hidden in a khaki fold that you do not notice them right at the beginning, but only later during the action and oral, when you are shown other perspectives of the genitals and surroundings. Of course, it hits me slightly in the head when I see this, but I quickly console myself that I have been vaccinated and that everything will be OK, and I try not to touch this part of them. I only tell the client at the end that I don’t suppress his atmosphere in the meantime. And of course I order that if he comes again, he should remove it (I specifically recommend dermatology to Barteni’s private clinic).

What about a cum to mouth ?!
I don’t do it because I strictly take care of my health, and the “tomato” is only the sperm of men who attract me. Just like ejaculation in the mouth, pre-ejaculations can also be risky – these are the drops that come out of the cock before the main ejaculation.

If you know that you have a sore in your mouth (either an ulcer of canker sores or that you have been bitten, diseased teeth and gums), I definitely do not recommend ejaculation in the mouth, in which case it is better to do oral with a condom due to pre-ejaculation. Even if you don’t have any damage to the lip mucosa that you would know about, you can have micro sores when food scratches you (say a crust of bread).
A friend who records “porn” tells me that they were taught there that it is more risky to spit sperm than to swallow it directly. After all, if you spit it out, you roll it more around your mouth and mucous membranes and there is a greater chance of a potential infection than swallowing it quickly, where the viruses are directly digested by stomach acid.

What kind of attitude you have towards the client’s sperm and how much you are “afraid” of it, let each judge how it suits her and what risk she will take.
My view on this is that oral sex without is no problem, of course if the man is tidy, clean and that I don’t notice any visible changes on the penis as I described above, but I don’t do business ejaculation in the mouth.
I want to plow with a condom even in case there are too many pre-ejaculations.
If someone is complaining and would like something more – it can be elegantly explained with a single sentence “I only do what falls within the framework of SAFE sexuality!”

Well, from a practical point of view, we processed the basics, slightly upgraded the classic standard “use condoms, but you are safe”
As I mentioned before, some sexually transmitted diseases are seen at first glance (described above) and some are not. And for PRIVAT sexual intercourse all too many people (even sex workers who otherwise strictly guard protection at work, but have different standards in private sex)
they judge the sexual partner by the impression of whether he “looks tidy and healthy” or have no sex based on that impression.

The layman thinks that if someone is shitty, untidy, with squeaky teeth – he is risky. But whoever looks normal, tidy, clean, nicely dressed, fragrant, shaved – and this one “can be seen giving something to himself” – and this one looks healthy!

How true is such an assessment of “someone’s health” actually?
Well, here I must immediately disappoint you – the one who “normally have private sex without a condom, as long as someone looks tidy and healthy.”
No – it’s not just “innocent bacteria that make you urinate and get rid of them with sumamed” (more on these bacteria later) – but in this way you can also get the worst diseases that all lay people are afraid of.

What I am going to tell you now is by no means based on any polls or statistics, but I myself had the opportunity to experience and get to know the scenes and people from the “peripheral groups” from the inside, how they function and think.

Many gays and bisexuals have a fetish called BareBack, abbreviated fetish BB, which means a fetish on without a condom (in translation without a bag or without an eraser). The abbreviation BB is also placed in advertisements when they search for sex on the net. I once had a bisexual boyfriend with whom I went to gay-bisex parties and afters and I had the opportunity to get to know behind the scenes of such scenes.
In the case of the BB fetish, it is surprising – and perhaps “difficult” for a “normal” person to understand that it is NOT a matter of irresponsibility or deliberate transmission of the disease – but everyone (those who consider themselves BareBack sheep) is right. well educated about HIV and everything related to it! And they go to BareBack sex completely voluntarily, they take a risk – that even if they get HIV, they will get HIV pills anyway, which they will eat for life, and for the rest of their lives they will look and function completely normally on these pills.

When you’re on HIV pills, you’re not infected anyway and you don’t have to pass on the virus (because you only have HIV in your lymph nodes, not in your blood and semen, of course if you take them regularly and correctly, which not everyone does, not at all). when there are parties and afters) – and that then they are HIV positive and continue to live a normal decent life on pills and in peace they can continue to indulge in pleasures without a condom for the rest of their lives.

All of this theory would work nicely if it only occurred among gays. He gets stuck in the fact that bisexuals are also involved – those who are “beautiful, tidy, nicely dressed, fragrant” – some look very masculine and one would not think they are bisexual in a dream – THEY LOOK COMPLETELY HEALTHY. And such a “cute macho bisexual” who fits in well with the company of ordinary people, where they act as a completely “straight” – you can come across just about anywhere – even in completely “normal” places – in a bar, in the gym, in the library… and you like it, but you give it to him without a condom, you don’t even think about it because he “looks healthy and tidy”.

Statistics say that such HIV-positive guys are bisexuals who love the BareBack fetish – usually around 30 years old, athletic and tattooed – these are the “cute bisexuals” who are like time bombs for innocent women who don’t even have to. in a dream they would not think. I compared this description to the real situation in these scenes, and there were a few. One of them also had a small indentation next to the cheekbone on his face, which is, as it is written in certain sources – a sign of a user of HIV pills (which of course is not the rule).
Bisexuals are the so-called “bridge population” – a population that forms a “bridge” between marginal risk groups (gays) and the population of “ordinary” people (read: girls and women who have no idea what it is).
Here, I have served you with a behind-the-scenes truth. And don’t panic – mind the head, and the condom the head (the one below, of course)

Let’s move on, now that we’ve dealt with those “serious” matters, let’s move on to the more common problems.

Bacteria (such and such) are by no means all bacteria down there sexually transmitted diseases, even “normal” bacteria can seduce.
The first important thing to watch out for – most girls from the business of working during menstruation use so-called menstrual sponges (soft tampons), which are intended for sex during menstruation. Really have the sponge really only for one day — then discard it and the next day new!
Even if you take it out and wash it after each party – know that in and on a damp sponge – even if it is washed – a culture of bacteria begins to form. And from this can follow inflammation in the vagina and an unpleasant odor.
Throw away the sponge before bacteria can grow on it, and use a new one.
There is no need for a new one for every customer. Just keep it inside when you work, not too many hours together. And in the evening he throws it away and the next day a new one.

Have you ever been burned by peeing (or a little scaffolding)?
Have you ever had any strange smell and / or discharge from your pussy?
Yes, all of this is caused by bacteria. This is an area that is less well known to the general public, as most people, as I mentioned, only know about HIV and hepatitis. Bacteria – such and such. Some are merely unpleasant to smell, others are more risky as far as later complications are concerned if you do not react to them and ignore the above mentioned symptoms.

The most noteworthy is chlamydia. As many as 20 percent of the NORMAL population has it – so not people from “at risk” groups, but quite ordinary people – so every fifth. In men, urination burns a little – almost always, in women sometimes, but as much as 80 percent, if a woman gets it – the infection is asymptomatic – worst of all – you have it, but you don’t know you have it.

Long-untreated chlamydia destroys you from within, glues the joint together from inflammation, so that you become infertile. And not only that (if you don’t know you have it) it can progress from birth to blood, it builds up in the blood vessel walls to increase their plaque – thus an increased risk of stroke and heart attack.
She is by no means innocent – because she is so covertly disguised, but with such long-term consequences. So I really warmly recommend that when you get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, you should not only give blood, but also swabs (cervix and urethra) and urine – so that you get a complete test.

HIV, hepatitis and syphilis can be seen in the blood, various bacteria can be seen in the swabs, and the parasite trichomonas vaginalis can be seen in the urine (this is the one that is said to “make the cunt stink of fish”).
It is tested with a referral to an infectious or dermatological clinic.

Burning urination should always be taken seriously, even if it burns quite a bit and not every day, but here and there – as there are some other bacteria besides chlamydia, as it is not now essential to list them all by name – the point is that there is a risk in some of them, that the inflammation progresses to the birth canal and clogs your fallopian tubes, causing infertility. And these bacteria can be completely solved with antibiotics, if we take timely action.
However, every unpleasant odor and every burning urination is not a sexually transmitted disease. With a little perverted sex games, a gut bacterium can escape into the urethra – it’s not a sexually transmitted disease, but the most common gut bacterium, Escherichia Coli, which can cause problems down there.
Whatever (cock, dildo, fingers…) moves or rubs so that it also goes from the butt direction towards the vagina, it can carry this bacterium, it doesn’t even have to be inside the butt.

There is very practical preventive advice for this – if you have played in any such way, and especially if you have changed the holes – be sure to pee immediately after sex !! This flushes potential intestinal bacteria out of the urethra immediately before it has managed to anchor itself and clings to the urethral wall, and there will be no problems.

However, the unpleasant smell of the vagina can only be due to the fact that the bacteria have multiplied too much and disturbed the natural pH balance – this is called bacterial vaginosis. This, too, is not a sexually transmitted disease, but bacteria that we introduce with our fingers or unwashed vibrators, dildos.
Checked for this help borax vaginal tablets from the pharmacy without a prescription. I notice this by saying that before using borax, I had my pussy fresh, odorless only a short time after showering, and after using borax, it is fresh and odorless all day after showering. And when you go to bed at night with the vaginal vagina (this is not written in the instructions), be sure to give yourself an insert so that you do not have everything patchy and sticky when the vaginal venta melts and flows out.
However, if you are itchy and have a whitish discharge in the form of lumps, the fungus has multiplied too much – there are also Canesten vaginal tablets and over-the-counter ointment at the pharmacy.


White flow is a normal and normal phenomenon, vaginalets are used only if there is really too much of it and it is accompanied by an unpleasant odor. In my experience, intimate soaps with lactic acid are not enough to regulate the smell – as the vaginal flora needs to be regulated from the inside – as I mentioned – with vaginalets (I affectionately called them “pussies”).

So much for today. I hope I have helped you in some way and enlightened you on some new insights.

Dr. med. Anita


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