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“Cross-immunity is immunity that protects the organism not only against the micro-organism it has aroused, but also against another antigen-related micro-organism. Thus e.g. the vaccinia virus (bovine goat virus) induces immunity against itself and against the smallpox virus; ”

During their work, sex workers are in constant contact with various antigens (through the skin, breath, kissing, etc.), which cause these people to produce more antibodies – resistance.

In Slovenia, during the first wave of the epidemic, our organization observed strict compliance with regulations by almost all sex workers. Disregard occurred only in those whose economic situation unfortunately did not allow it.

Despite everything, according to our information, no one was seriously infected with Covid-19 (information was obtained through forums, networks, telephone contacts between workers).

In the second wave of the pandemic, according to our analyzes and monitoring of the situation in the industry, the advertising of most sex workers was increased. Only clubs, FKK saunas and swinger clubs were closed.

If anyone got Coronavirus, it was just asymptomatic and there were no fatalities.

A strong immune system in sex workers could be attributed to the following factors:

  • Work in a non-stressful and hygienic environment.
  • Accepting only healthy clients who are not at risk.
  • Wearing masks where necessary (in public places – shops, gas stations, etc.).
  • They do not wear a protective mask, so they do not inhale exhaled air, and breathing through the axis acts as a filter.
  • Due to the larger, they have antibodies to 4 previous subtypes of coronaviruses (common colds), which are also thought to be effective for resistance and Covid-19 recovery.

“An antigen is a substance that can react in the body with products formed in a specific immune response (with antibodies). The site on an antibody that recognizes an antigen and specifically binds to it is called a paratope. The part of the antigen to which the paratope binds and binds directly to the products of a specific immune system is called an epitope. ”


Sex workers have been taking great care of themselves since the beginning of the craft.

We would also draw attention to other fungi, viruses, bacteria and infections, which also require a great deal of caution.

Due to freer sexual practices in individuals and couples, we would like to emphasize the prevalence of Hepatitis C, which is still strongly present. Applies to individuals and couples in all gender identities and orientations (homo, hetero, bisex, trans,…). One of the reasons for the prevalence of Hepatitis C is the drugs that are available on the market and thus the fear of infection has become collectively less. However, very few people know that treatment leaves consequences for a lifetime.

By following all the tips, we wish you good and healthy sex. You know – SEX IS HALF HEALTH.

Have fun.

Article prepared by:
Dr. Anita and Žiga Sedevčič

(Dr. Anita is the pseudonym of our Member of the organization. We keep the real identity in our archive)

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