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The Nordic nations are at the forefront of advocating and implementing gender equality.
Therefore, it was written in the legislative proposal that it is shameful and unacceptable that men in a gender-equal society can have casual sex with women in return for pay.

Which means that homosexual sex workers and male gigolo were not recognized in countries of the highest human equality.
Which, of course, is understandable for a society of post-German patriarchal order.

In order to stop the humiliation of women, the purchase of sexual services was criminalized, among other things (men were criminally liable).
On the other hand, the offer of sexual services was not penalized (women were not punished).

Over time, with the more visible emergence of same-sex sexual practices and migrations, sex work and supply have moved underground between the internet, which does not allow for the control and safety of sex workers.

After all, only 4 European Member States have accepted the Swedish model in whole or in part.

Gender equality is not equality if we deprive some genders of all rights so that we can give everything to the other sex.

Do you think that the Swedish model in modern criminal law has already been surpassed and represents an illegal expansion of the field of incrimination of the crime of abuse of prostitution ???


Picture: The Great Masturbator 1929 Salvador Dali

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