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For 2020, “as if nothing happened but everything happened” in the adult industry could be said a little differently.

It would be pointless to repeat, to revive as a mantra the order of last year’s events.
Undoubtedly, it was the year with the fewest traffic accidents and increased digital traffic.
Undoubtedly, part of the increased digital traffic was also taken care of by the adult industry, which touched almost every corner of the world…
Slovenia was no exception.

As co-creators of the Slovenian scene, we were positively surprised by what was happening here as well.
As I said in one of the interviews “porn came to every Slovenian village”

The service activity of sex workers was affected by the first wave of quarantine. He restricted physical contact and socializing.
Some have quickly adapted to the additional offer via web models (so-called Cam models), but a handful have already done so – their cash flow has increased dramatically.
In the world of adult art, the most famous are “porn” actors, who have been deprived of participation in productions due to the closure / travel restrictions – and consequently of earnings.

#stayhome has become a new reality, and the industry alternative has become virtual.
ADULT CONTENT MAKERS or erotic influencers began to self-create as “mushrooms after rain”.
No borders, no barriers, unlimited markets and working hours. The physical boundaries have blurred.

Organization Dobra Družba is a group of interested citizens who are actively engaged in work in the field of commercial forms of sexuality and boast many years of experience in the field of entertainment industry for adults.

Our mission is:

  • support and participate in organizing people who are professionally involved in the adult industry,
  • concern for the rights of contractors, as well as for its clients / customers,
  • advise and educate creators and performers,
  • inform and raise awareness of the general public.

Our support in the form of presence, information and awareness of our movement and activity is visible on the forum, which in our opinion is the future meeting place of erotic influencers.

Every (good) story starts at the foundation, which we will try our best to consolidate with our knowledge, experience and, of course, help.

We will inform users about our trainings (academies), workshops (x3-S literacy), news and events

For a better society, a good company.

With respect,
President of the Dobra Družba
Žiga π Sedevčič

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