Pron Start-Up – SLOVENIA
January 9, 2019
Sex Workers Union – Dobra Družba
September 3, 2019


as promised, we are sending you the last CALL FOR APPLICATION to ACADEMY on the basis of your request or you have already joined.

  • Erotic masseur
  • Porn actress
  • A fetish artist
  • Cameraman
  • Assistant in the industry for adults

The course will be held from 11 – 12 May in central Slovenia.
The next Academy will be barely IN JUNE 2020!

Based on your reunification and payment of your membership fee, we will consider you eligible for the course.
We do not agree in any other way.

The only option to renew the application is personal contact by phone, vibra or whatsup.
International phone: 00386 41 710 660
Viber and Whatsup: 00386 69 660 888

We collect the entries by 24.4.2019

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