"Stories are tools, man is the animal who tells stories. We don't think through facts, statistics, equations but think through stories. And if we want to organize ourselves within the framework of humanism and if we want to have an effective society, we need to have a common story with which individuals embody. It's important that the stories are effective. ”Yuval Noah Harari 

After a year of raising awareness and informing the general public, especially through project work, the ‘’Good Society’’ cultural society has raised significant attention among those engaged in commercial sexuality.

Entrepreneurs directly or indirectly involved the commercialized sexuality industry for many years as well as those new to it are, despite their best intentions and efforts, poorly acquainted with market and legal trends in the industry, which can lead to diminished service quality, or, at worst, legal persecution.

Sex workers are people just like everyone else. Persons who may be successful and or not socially or in business just like any one of us. Many people do not perform professions for which they have been trained and most sex workers pursue a profession/craft for which there is no training available.
Although sex work is considered the oldest profession and basic knowledge is developed through the natural instinct of mating, these professions (SKD SKP 2008) today require basic knowledge of economics, entrepreneurship and, as with all other professions, medical examination and occupational safety.
We have come to know that most sex workers are not aware of the rights and, above all, the opportunities available to them in the field of commercialized sex work. The vast majority are only aware of the consequences and liability in the event of a legal violation. 

Some responsibility for this lies with the state and its sloppiness, though it could also be said that the industry was not correctly represented in the past. The downside is that the perception of the industry has been portrayed by organizations and institutions that have never been sex workers and have no experience with sex work.
The grayscale perception was created based on foreign data, unprofessional research, and the demonization of the profession by feminist lobbies.  No matter what happened in thepast, we believe that our mission as the Sex Workers Union, is to lay the healthy foundations of knowledge, awareness and communication for the future without the unnecessary drawbacks of ill-informed or ideologically formulated politics.

To all sex workers::

Many people inform that in Slovenia there is an organization that strives to protect and raise awareness of service industries such as:
  • Erotic massages
  • Striptease - erotic dance
  • Prostitution
  • Escort
  • Domination
  • swinging
(The ‘’Good Society’’ society advocates only legal persons engaged in commercial sexuality)

In our opinion, the vast majority of sex workers are not informed about the legal status and formalities of the services they perform, nor are they taught industry-standard best practice examples that have become common place in Europe since a long time ago.
In Slovenia, the current perception of commercialized sexuality in practice is grossly skewed corroborated by incorrect information and poor recognition of healthy commercial sexuality.
Ministries responsible for this state of affairs, appear to have neither the interest or the expertise to deal with the matter.

Therefore, the goals of "Good Society" are:

  • to inform sex workers about their rights and opportunities
  • cooperation with sex workers in collecting proposals and defining the field of commercial sexuality
  • Striving for "Good Society" for the legal regulation of commercial sex, better economic and social acceptance of the branch and rights of sex workers in the Republic of Slovenia
  • the training of sex workers on best practices in cooperation with global and European organizations of sex workers' associations
  • organization of public lectures and professional courses at home and abroad
  • translation and publishing of professional literature pertaining to commercial sexuality