Addressing all sex workers:

Many people inform that in Slovenia there is an organization that strives to protect and raise awareness of service industries such as:
  • Erotic massages
  • Striptease - erotic dance
  • prostitution
  • escort - Escort
  • Domination
  • swinging
(Society is a good company advocated only by legal persons engaged in commercial sexuality)

In our opinion, the vast majority of sex workers are not informed about the legal formality of services they perform or are taught with the knowledge of good practices that they have defined in Europe long ago.

In Slovenia, the current state of play is what, how and in what way commercial sexuality is being carried out very wrongly, corroborated by incorrect information and poor recognition of healthy commercial sexuality.

Ministries are responsible for this situation, who have no interest or knowledge to deal with this issue.

Therefore The goals of "Good Society" are:
  • to inform sex workers about their options and rights
  • cooperation with sex workers in collecting proposals and defining the issues of commercial sexuality
  • Striving for "Good Society" for the legal regulation of commercial sex, better economic and social acceptance of the branch and rights of sex workers in the Republic of Slovenia.
  • the training of sex workers on good practices in cooperation with the global and European organization of sex workers' associations
  • organization of public lectures and professional specialties at home and abroad.
  • translation and publishing of professional literature on the subject of commercial sexuality