Call for Final Application to the ACADEMY for Sex Workers – 11, 12 May
April 13, 2019
Ex-Yugoslavia Quarantine – Help
March 25, 2020

which was established on 27.8.2019 as a union unit of the Slovenian Precarry Union.

At Dobra Družba we are proud that after a good year of work, raising public awareness and people in commercial sexuality we were able to establish – Union Dobra Družba

The organization has already begun addressing the industry’s concerns such as; direct communication with workers, presenting work and designing preventative curricula.

  • contact phone consulting for information, guidance workers and the public in the field of commercial sexual
  • establishment of a project on the presentation of professions
  • creation of a catalog of knowledge and a module for the protection of sex work

As part of our activities, we will regularly publish our activities.
We are also preparing a weekly column “Diary of Union worker Aphrodite”
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Union representative Dobra Družba 
Žiga π Sedevčič

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