Message to youth / student organizations – student work in the adult industry

It may not seem obvious to us, but students – sex workers in Slovenia may be more present than many people think. This was especially evident at a time like the present.

After a quick fly-through of ads offering erotic massages, escorts and prostitution, it is possible to list quite a few offers of both sexes.

The biggest increase in young people in the adult industry is the so-called Adult Content Makers (ACM) or Adult Influensers – a cross between a porn model and a Cam model. #workfromhome

The social internet platform that allowed easy contact between supply and demand is still Only Fans, which has “found sex workers in every village”.

The renaissance of internet sex work, however, will, in our view, also leave its toll (as every revolution demands).

Supply is approaching the highest point of demand, which means that ACM will have to agree either to dumping prices or to constantly create new and new fetishes or expand supply.

Let’s get back to the point.
We want to support young people who have decided to serve in the adult industry. Our purpose is to draw attention to the dangers that arise in business processes. These are not dangers in which you become a slave to someone, but to yourself.

Many of us have walked a similar path, not always listening to the advice of the elderly, so we also know some “scratch on the knees.”

The digital world is getting bigger and bigger every day, so it’s also hard to influence students who are getting harder in this industry (it also applies to other groups we want to touch with all our attention).

That is why we also support the projects of other movements, as we are convinced that only through collective awareness can we change our world, yours and theirs.

…. to be continued.

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