Cultural society Dobra družba is a group of interested citizens who are actively engaged in working in the field of commercial forms of sexuality and we have many years of experience in the field of entertainment industry for adults.

Together with those who support our goals, we believe that everyone who combines work in this field either by their choice or through a series of coincidences and (un) favorable circumstances, deserve respect and dignity, equal labor and social rights, and safety at work as other citizens of the Republic of Slovenia. We are a fundamental organization that brings together domestic and internationally active individuals and groups from all professions and areas of commercial sexuality and the entertainment industry for adults.

The organization is run by people with rich personal experience and a broad, multi-faceted knowledge of social relations, statutory provisions, individual rights and duties, security and social issues, with whom everyday people meet who decide to combine work in these stigmatized areas.

Kulturno društvo Dobra družba gives voice to active sex workers and workers and offers an indispensable source of expertise for those who want better relations, reliable information and equal working conditions in these spheres of creation and operation. The Good Society of Culture is people who have enough false information, lack of information and ideological misleading regarding commercial forms of sexuality and the entertainment industry for adults. Our principles and practice stem from our experience, the experience of real people in real jobs.