The Good Society offers an alternative stock of commercial sexuality. Sex work in Slovenia has been de-criminalized and partly regulated since 2005.


Individuals who take entrepreneurship can act in Slovenia as S.P. (sole proprietor) or D.O.O. (limited liability company) you must report the correct activity (SKD) which reads as follows:

  • Prostitution – 96,090
  • Erotic massage – 96.040

Legal persons who want to employ sex workers can be a person who consciously wants to work as a sex worker, employ under the CAP code:

  • Prostitute / Prostitute – 5169, 5168
  • Erotic masseur / masseuse – 5169, 5168
  • Bar dancer – 5169, 5168
  • Film actor / actress – 2655

We advise you to consult the Dobra Družba organization before you step into commercial sexuality


All those who would like to offer their services as a legal person, or have an open working place as a legal entity, send us an inquiry on


* The offer of commercial sexuality applies only to the members of Dobra Družba.