The “Dobra Družba” business accelerator is an Incubator of business ideas in the adult industry with professional help, which we started implementing in 2019.
Pron Start-Up is a cloud project organized by “Dobra Družba” and its partners.
The projects will be implemented in technology parks or in co-organization of private investors.

For the implementation of projects, we will connect local contractors, employ and educate the unemployed residents of that region.

BizArT workshop
Making urban Fetish custom interior design.

BizArT Gallery
Running the largest adult fetish playroom in the region.

Good Company Agency
Escort & casting agency

The Mechanic
Video production with a platform for end customers. Tourist video production to end customers.

Institute Dobra Družba
Sex education for parents and young people
An animated synchronized sex education cartoon project with a guide for parents in a web application.

Multi-functional table-vaginal vibro-light + app

For anyone who would like to join the incubator with their business idea, contact us:

President of the Dobra Družba
Žiga π Sedevčič